Bioseguridad y Biocustodia en las Américas


Comparación de las regulaciones de bioseguridad y biocustodia de laboratorios de alta y máximo nivel de contención en Brasil con los marcos legales en los Estados Unidos y otros países: Brechas y Oportunidades

Viernes, Mayo 24, 2024 - 12:00 al 13:00

Luis Ochoe, presidente de ABSA International, presentará el trabajo “Comparison of Brazilian High- and Maximum-Containment Laboratories Biosafety and Biosecurity Regulations to Legal Frameworks in the United States and Other Countries: Gaps and Opportunities", en el marco de las Sesiones Academicas PandemicTech Journal Club.
A recent analysis evaluated Brazil's approach to overseeing biosafety and biosecurity in high- and maximum-containment laboratories, highlighting significant gaps compared to international standards. The findings reveal decentralized governance with varying levels of adherence to global biosafety and biosecurity norms, posing limitations to Brazil's preparedness against infectious diseases. Urgent action is needed to enhance the legal framework, drawing insights from international models, particularly those of the United States. This underscores the importance for the Latin American region to bolster biosafety and biosecurity measures to effectively address emerging infectious disease challenges.
Tener en cuenta que el webinar será a las 12:00 pm - (GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)