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The Justice Tech Download (by Jason Tashea)

Editor’s Note

‘Tis the season for the newsletter to take a break. I’m grateful for everyone who has been reading and sending in postings to share this year. We will be back in your inbox January 10. Happy Holidays!




II gave a keynote talk at Africa Legal Innovation Week about my recent work on Justice-as-a-Platform. (ALIW) This research, which pre-published two weeks ago, has also started receiving welcome feedback. (Law, Tech, & Access to Justice)

Crime prediction software promised to be free of biases, instead it perpetuates them. (Markup)

If abortion becomes illegal in the US, there’s a whole trail of digital evidence. (Guardian)

How courts embraced tech, met the pandemic challenge, and revolutionized their operations. (PEW)

“If everybody’s White, there can’t be any racial bias”: The disappearance of Hispanic drivers from traffic records. (ProPublica)

“Science and technology now sit in the center of every policy and social issue.” (Issues in Science & Tech) The Biden Administration is looking into the intersection of privacy and civil rights. (Axios)

A US district court ruled that a lack of “temporal limitations can result in an exceptionally expansive search” of cellphones. (US Courts)

The UK released an algorithmic transparency standard. (Gov.UK) (h/t Reilly Martin)

Privacy asymmetries: Access to data in criminal defense investigations. (SSRN)

Sky-high email and phone costs keep prisoners from sharing their stories. (Appeal) AI surveillance takes US prisons by storm. (Thomson Reuters Foundation)

Police watchdog calls for full access to body cam footage, the NYPD declines. (Pro Publica)

WhatsApp and iMessage are vulnerable to law enforcement searches. (Rolling Stone)

Prisoners will have their cases reviewed for potential wrongful convictions over hair analysis (CPR News)

$4.3M in grants to 36 legal services programs underscore the role of tech in driving access to justice. (LawSites)

Increasing access to justice with design, multidisciplinary collaboration, and digital innovation. (Churchill Trust) (h/t Andrea Perry-Peterson)

A fix-it job for government tech. (New York Times)

What a datafied worldview means for human rights. (Open Global Rights)

Make sure privacy is included in your holiday gift shopping. (Mozilla)



Vanderbilt’s Summit on Law and Innovation is Jan. 28. (Vandy)