NENA | Ensuring Dispatcher Excellence Through Training Standards

Jueves, Mayo 12, 2022 - 15:00 al 16:00

From their first day on the job, telecommunicators must be prepared to provide exceptional service to callers in crisis, many of whom are facing matters of life or death. To ensure the best-possible emergency response to the public, many states and agencies have adopted minimum-training standards for 9-1-1 professionals. Attend this special webinar to learn:
• Why training standards are important, whether required by your state or not;
• What resources are available to help your agency meet your state’s standards, or to develop your own; and
• How you can ensure that your telecommunicators are receiving the training they need to succeed in 9-1-1.
Presenters: Vicki Pickett, ENP – NENA | Kate Elkins – National 911 Program | Dan Koenig, ENP – Palm Beach County (FL) Public Safety Department
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