Lesson Planning Module- Activity

Hello Coaches
Here is what we must do before the second sesion on Lesson Planning:
1. Finish your individual 5E lesson planning template (find attached on the Resources section, the Resources section is on the bottom part of this forum). In the Resources Section you will find are two documents:
-A 5E lesson planning PDF document template for you to complete
-A 5E lesson planning Word document template that has been completed, this is an example for you to use as a guide.  
2. Once you complete your individual 5E lesson planning template (don't forget to put your name), please click on the Reply button on the bottom part of this forum.  Once you hit on the Reply button, it  will give you the option to up load your 5E lesson planning template. 
3. Once you complete your individual 5E lesson planning template, chose a 5E lesson planing templated from one of your peers to review and give feedback on this forum. Please remember to choose the 5E lesson planning template of a peer who has not received feed back.  (This will avoid having 5E lesson planning templates without feedback)
4. Complete Lesson Planing (Module 2) on ProFuturo's Platform:
5. Review and read Coach Guide Lesson Planning (Module 2) you should allready have it, it was sent to you on an email with information on Class Management Module, but you can also find it on the the Coache's Kit , here is the link: file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/EN%20Coaching%20Guide_Learning%20together...%20Let's%20practice%20(10).pdf
Here is the Recording session of the first  training session:
Llet me know if you have any questions.
All the best,