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CoP_Building Community: A Primer (World Bank, 2018)

This primer provides concrete steps and tools to help you build a community of practitioners and/or online community. Community and community building will vary in its audiences and in its implementation given all these different contexts, but the principles remain consistent.


CoP_Communities of Practice in development: a relic of the past or sign of the future?

In this edition of the KM4D Journal, authors explore whether CoPs are still relevant vehicles for knowledge sharing and learning, whether understanding of CoPs has changed, what purposes CoPs are serving in the development community today, and how we can know.


Future of KM – Conversational Leadership

Webinar organized by Knowledge Management Institute (KMI)


CoP_Sense of Community (David W. McMillan and David M. Chavis)

This article attempts to describe the dynamics of the sense-ofcommunity force-to identify the various elements in the force and to describe the process by which these el work together to produce the experience of of sense of community. Journal of Community Psychology, Vol 14, Jan 1986


OAS KM Session_KM at CIAT

El 22 de agosto de 2019, el OAS KM Group organizó una reunión con Simone Staiger-Rivas, Coordinadora de Comunicaciones y MEL del CIAT, para compartir con el grupo su experiencia en el desarrollo e implementación de una estrategia para la gestión del conocimiento en dicha organización-


OAS KM Session_KM Hard Won Lessons

Presentation by Patricia L. Eng on hard won lessons on KM, what not to do.


LL_Methodology for Lessons Learned Documentation

Capturing lessons learned is essential for helping us to identify good practices and avoid repeating errors, tapping into the cumulative knowledge there is in any organization, and to use that knowledge to strengthen programs, projects and services.