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APCO | Getting 911 Emergency Response Right in Challenging Times

Martes, Septiembre 20, 2022 - 13:00 al 14:00

When an emergency call comes in, lives are on the line. Telecommunicators have to get it right every time. But with turnover at an all-time high, and tenure at an all-time low, keeping telecommunicators engaged, well-coached, trained, confident and happy, so they can perform their best, is more challenging than ever. How to improve retention and catch struggling telecommunicators before they slide down a slippery slope? Hear about the many innovative things one 911 center is doing to address these challenges.

  • Kari Morrissey, Assistant Director for the Anoka County Emergency Communications Center, Minnesota
  • Joe Scaffidi, Regional Vice President of PSAP Performance Solutions for NICE Public Safety & Justice
  • Patrick Botz, Director of Engagement for NICE Public Safety & Justice

This event is sponsored by NICE and has a regsitration fee.
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