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MCP | GIS Data and NG911 Readiness — Exploring Strategies, Dispelling Misconceptions

Martes, Septiembre 27, 2022 - 14:00 al 15:00

Next Generation 911 (NG911) systems rely on geospatial routing generated by geographic information systems (GIS) to connect emergency callers and 911 centers. But GIS data first needs to be readied so that it aligns with industry standards and can be used in the NG911 environment. This webinar — which will be led by Robert Horne, MCP’s Technical Domain Lead and a certified emergency number professional (ENP) — will explore strategies for doing so while dispelling common misconceptions that lead many emergency communications center officials to believe that their GIS data is closer to NG911 readiness than it is.
Robert Horne, Senior Technology Specialist
As a Senior Technology Specialist, ENP and GIS SME, Robert brings more than 30 years of program management experience in GIS, focusing on 911 operations, public safety, law enforcement, and intelligence. He led and managed multi-million-dollar implementations of GIS technology at the federal, state and local levels and is familiar with the process of integrating these systems and data into 922 centers, emergency operations centers, fire and police command centers, and fusion centers. Mr. Horne has supported multiple states with GIS components of the nationwide public-safety broadband and NG-911 planning efforts. 
This event will start at 2 pm (EDT).
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