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NENA | International Lessons-Learned From the Pandemic

Jueves, Enero 6, 2022 - 15:00 al 16:00

The pandemic brought so many new challenges to PSAPs – not only across the US, but also around the globe. No matter the geographical location, emergency-communications personnel had to rise to the occasion and continue to answer the calls. The challenges faced provided substantial opportunities for learning and innovation; how was it possible to adapt to the new landscape while continuing to provide a high level of service and taking care of our people?

In this webinar, emergency-services leaders from across the world discuss these issues and more. They will address how policies and procedures were updated, ways new technologies enabled advancements like remote call-taking, and issues that need to be considered to future-proof for the “new normal.”


  • Jennifer White, ENP - NENA
  • Monica Million, ENP - Amazon Web Services
  • John Anthony - British APCO
  • Ron Willicroft - APCO Canada

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