Technical cooperation

Learning and knowledge management 

With an interdisciplinary team of specialists in innovation in education, e-learning, and digital communications, the Portal offers knowledge management consulting services to diverse areas of the OAS and external partners. Based on customer needs, the Portal designs and develops innovative learning solutions for:

  • Online and blended courses: Development and implementation of online and face to face educational programs.
  • MOOCs: Development and implementation of Open Massive Online Courses.
  • Virtual Networks and Communities of Practice (CoPs): Development and facilitation of social networks that allow collaborative work between different groups of practitioners.
  • Production of digital content: Content curation and development of multimedia products.
  • E-learning platforms: Development of customized online education solutions. 

Capacity development projects for innovation in education

The Portal provides high-level consulting and develops projects of technical assistance for the implementation of innovation strategies incorporating new technologies for improving educational quality.

  • Integrated solutions for planning educational systems using innovation and new technologies.
  • Teacher training for the use of new technologies in the classroom as an opportunity to incorporate innovative approaches to learning.
  • Mobile learning initiatives.