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January 16 2023 to January 19 2023

The NENA NG9-1-1 Standards & Best Practices Conference is an interactive, informative, attendee-driven event where you not only learn about the standards that are spurring the development and implementation of NG9-1-1 technology and operations best practices, but also create the guidelines, resources, and documents that enable NG services, systems, and PSAPs to reach their full potential.
With your peers from across the 9-1-1 universe, you’ll discuss and work to address the most pressing issues facing 9-1-1, including: recruitment, hiring, and retention; GIS and NG-data needs; location services and accuracy; culture; interoperability; telecommunicator SOPs; real-time text; transition planning; cybersecurity; multimedia messaging and accessibility; training; wellness and resiliency; the evolution of 9-1-1 center supervision and management; and more!


Your sponsorship of this event ensures visibility with public safety’s most dedicated and forward-thinking audience. A limited number of presentation opportunities are also available. Email for more details.

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December 14 2022

In this Webinar organized by NENA and sponsored by Motorola Solutions panelists will take a look at the outcomes of placing technology at the forefront of the PSAP to help solve tough challenges.

  • Advantages of real-time transcription of a 9-1-1 call
  • Benefits of having the transcription in multiple languages
  • Impact of streaming videos from the public
  • Special live technology demonstration


  • Travis Jensen, 911 Program Manager for the state of Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology Office
  • Kim Siepert, Hybrid Product Manager, Emergency Call Handling, Motorola Solutions

Moderator: Marty Doyle, Industry Leadership Team, Motorola Solutions and former Managing Deputy Director for the City of Chicago 9-1-1
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