ProFuturo digital education Programme

A digital education Programme of Telefónica Foundation and “la Caixa” Foundation

FAQs and information

Frequently Asked Questions



We know that you have many questions. We are here to guide you and provide resources to make your coaching experience easier and significative.
Right now we are gathering questions and all the subjects for this help-page. In the meantime, please reach out to us or your colleagues:

1. You always count on your mentor Catalina Chávez, she is there to answer your questions, give you ideas and make the connections to other levels of the programme to solve any issue.

2. Use the main forum of this network. Feel free to post any comment, concern or question in the main space at the home page.

3. Reach out to your local manager, you can use the private messages tool of the network or any other means. If you don't know your local manager, check at the home page where all their names and pictures are posted.

If you have any suggestion of content for this section, please send us an e-mail with your question to [email protected].